Smith & Ayer On Netflix’s “Bright” Freedom

Both director David Ayer and actor Will Smith were on hand in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con yesterday to talk up Netflix’s big-budget fantasy thriller “Bright”.

The original feature imagines a present day Los Angeles where fantastical magical creatures have always lived alongside humans. Smith plays a cop who finds himself teamed with an orc (Joel Edgerton) as a partner.

Together they must outrun law enforcement, criminals and assorted supernatural beings who are all in pursuit of a magical wand. Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry and Edgar Ramirez also star in the film.

Ayer championed Netflix’s approach, saying it offered him so much more freedom than he would have had with a studio feature:

“This ain’t no bulls–t PG-13 studio movie. I was able to do my s–t. I was able to do my thing… We weren’t chasing a rebate. We weren’t trying to make Atlanta into Los Angeles… Netflix is going to pull a lot of talent because they are so supportive.”

Smith echoed the sentiment, saying:

“I’m sure this will end soon, but they give you money and let you make the movie… The risk profile is different so Netflix can make a hard rated R film for $170 million. Studios can’t do that if the executive wants to be at work on Monday. When you make a movie that expensive you have to broaden the audience which means you have to be PG-13.”

“Bright” is set to bow on the streaming service on December 22nd.

Source: io9