Smit-McPhee Out Of Wolverine

Young Aussie thesp Kodi Smit-McPhee (“Romulus, My Father”) won the role of a young Logan in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine late last year.

Now, because of a change in shooting dates, the actor has had to bow out of the production in order start shooting the film version of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” with Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron.

Now, according to AICN, 13-year-old Perth resident Troye Mellet has landed the part of the young Logan.

Meanwhile shooting took place in Sydney’s Federal Park on Friday where The Daily Telegraph reports that a fully-fledged 70’s carnival was setup with extras donning flares, Afros and long sideburns.

Whilst star Hugh Jackman was on hand, he wasn’t in character and none of his co-stars were on hand.