Smart Clicks, Guru Bombs

It was a comedy face-off this weekend with the film version of the classic sitcom “Get Smart” easily whipping Mike Myers new project into submission.

The new ‘Smart’ scored an impressive $39 million opening haul to open in first place. This came despite the film only garnering mediocre reviews with a 51% & 5.6/10 score at Rotten Tomatoes and a 53% & 7.8 score at Metacritic. Its $10,011 per screen average easily stood above the rest of the Top Ten.

Myers “The Love Guru” on the other hand fizzled. Opening in fourth place with an unimpressive $14 million, the film scored atrocious reviews (16% & 3.5/10 on RT, 23% & 4.2/10 on Meta) and looks set to quickly disappear into the ether.

Neither of last week’s newcomers held strong. “The Incredible Hulk” fell a very serious 61% to $21.7 million – not the unmitigated disastrous 69% second weekend fall of Ang Lee’s 2003 film admittedly but enough to show that the film is not a hit with audiences and won’t have long legs ala “Iron Man”. Nevertheless its total should outpace 2003’s “Hulk” by a few million.

An unabashed disaster though is “The Happening”. The M. Night Shyamalan thriller plunged over 67% from its opening weekend for a $10 million second weekend haul. The film will make more than its $60 million production budget, but not much beyond that.

“Kung Fu Panda” continues holding strong in its third weekend with a $21.7 million second place haul to bring in a $155.6 million gross so far. Its drop-off of just 35% is impressive, also holding strong are “Sex and the City” (-34%), “Iron Man” (-28%) and “Indiana Jones” (-42%). Less successful are ‘Zohan’ (-56%) and ‘Strangers’ (-52%).

Finally on the limited release front, “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl” scored an absolutely stellar $44,600 per screen average from its five screens. That film goes on wide release July 2nd.

Tracking figures for the next few weeks show big interest in “Hancock” and “Wall-E”, however “Wanted” and “Hellboy” aren’t generating only mild heat so it’ll be interesting to see how the figures play out.