Smallville Reaching An End?

“Smallville” executive producer Darren Swimmer tells TV Guide via Krypton Site that despite a ratings rebound in its current eighth season, the show may finish up in May as there are some “actor availability” issues to deal with.

Most notably 31-year-old Tom Welling may be ready to hang up his Clark Kent mantle, though calls to the actors reps for comment were not returned. Whether Welling stays committed or not, Swimmer says that he’s prepared for a series finale in case it comes to that.

The show is presently facing a less difficult issue – its title. Having ditched Lex and Lana as regulars and moving the action to the Daily Planet in Metropolis, the show has become more “Lois & Clark”-esque this season which has drawn a few raised eyebrows.

Nevertheless this has allowed for more exploration of the Superman mythology this year which started with the inclusion of Doomsday, played by Canadian thesp Sam Witwer who has been the strongest performer of this season by far. Swimmer says that a three-episode arc in February will have Clark experimenting with his dual identity concept.

That month will also bring classic Superman villain The Toyman onto the show, while members of the Justice League will return towards season end, and members of the Legion of Superheroes from the 31st century will appear in an episode in January.

Unfortunately one of the big things that many fans of the show have been waiting for may never happen – Tom Welling in the Superman suit in the finale’s final scene. Swimmer says that due to a potential conflict with the big screen franchise, the scene itself may not happen.