Slumdog Team Reunite For FX’s “Trust”

The “Slumdog Millionaire” team of director Danny Boyle, writer Simon Beaufoy and producer Christian Colson are re-teaming for yet another 1970s event series coming to cable, albeit one thankfully NOT about the music industry.

FX has ordered a ten-episode first season of “Trust,” a new limited series about famed American oil empire heir John Paul Getty III. This first installment will detail the kidnapping of then 16-year old Getty and the subsequent events afterwards.

Getty’s family initially refused to pay the requested $17 million ransom, even after the kidnappers sent one of the ears of the youngster that they had cut off. Months later, the ransom went to down to around $3 million which they did pay, scoring a major tax deduction in the process. John Paul Getty III died in 2011 at the age of 54, and is survived by his son – actor Balthazar Getty.

This marks the second order the trio have received for a series from FX. In 2013 the same order was handed down for the ten-part mini-series “Telemark” about British-trained Norwegian resistance fighters who sabotaged Hitler’s nuclear development program. That project has seemingly been abandoned.

Source: Deadline