Sleepy Hollow Showrunner Exits Series

“Sleepy Hollow” executive producer and show runner Mark Goffman is stepping down from Fox’s serialized supernatural drama. The departure is thought to be due to an overall deal he has just signed with CBS Television Studios.

Goffman has been serving as show runner since the first season’s second episode, and his departure comes at a time when the fate of the series itself, having just wrapped airing its second season last month, is in question.

Bursting out of the gate with a healthy total audience (with DVR) in the 10 million viewers per episode range, critics and audiences started turning away in the second season with the number dropping regularly to about 7 million total viewers per episode (including DVR).

20th Century Fox Television has not yet determined if a third season will go ahead, but reportedly they are considering a production move to take advantage of filming rebates in a bid to bring down costs. This would indicate they’d like to continue the series if possible.

In January, Fox chairman and CEO Dana Walden said the plan was to retool the series to be more like the first season again with more standalone episodes and a lighter touch that focused on the key partnership at the show’s center which made it work.

Source: The Live Feed