Sleepy Hollow Gets Two More Regulars

Recent cast addition Lance Gross and brief second season guest star Zach Appelman have been upgraded to series regulars on the third season of the rebooted Fox supernatural drama “Sleepy Hollow”.

Gross plays Daniel Reynolds, a Quantico-trained and political savvy FBI special agent and Abbie’s new boss with whom she’s worked before.

Appelman will reprise the role of Joe Corbin, the son of August Corbin (Clancy Brown), a marine who was cursed as a Wendigo. In this season he’ll join Jenny to look into his father’s work to help Crane & Abbie.

The third season of the show is undergoing a creative reboot under new show runner Clifton Campbell (“The Glades”) who is steering the show back towards the less plot heavy, lighter and more character-centric tone of the show’s first season. The series is slated to return October 1st.

Source: The Live Feed