Sleepy Hollow Actress Upset About Katrina

After breaking out of the gate with a strong first season, Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” has hit a major sophomore slump. Critical reaction to the second season has not been good and ratings have considerably slipped from last year.

A big reason has been the shift away from the core partnership between Ichabod Crane and Lieutenant Abbie Mills and onto the far less interesting and under-developed supporting characters from last season.

Suffering the most scorn has been Ichabod’s wife Katrina, a mishandled role that actress Katia Winter is visibly trying her damn hardest to bring more weight to each week, but can only do so much with what’s written. In a new interview with TV Guide, Winter was asked why fans aren’t liking her character:

God, I’ve had a hard time at times. I’m doing the best with what I’ve given. I’m not in control over the story lines, so I’ve at times been frustrated with certain things. So I totally see why it’s been difficult for fans.

Part of the reason for the frustration is that you have a powerful witch character who has been stuck for much of the season in position where she’s unable to do much with her power:

“She’s been trying to do this good thing, but she always seems to upset people. There’s always someone upset with Katrina. Her son or Ichabod or Abbie or Headless, you know?… She hasn’t really had that strength that I think people expect from a witch. Especially because it’s been said so many times in the series, “She’s got so much power!” and then she hasn’t been able to prove it yet. So I think that’s where a lot of the frustration lies. And also the fact that a lot of people don’t like the idea of Ichabod being with someone else other than Abbie. That doesn’t help.

The second season finale of “Sleepy Hollow” airs next Monday. Fox has not announced if the show will return for a third season.