“Skywalker” First Clip, Tribute & Trevorrow Talks

Skywalker First Clip Tribute Trevorrow Talks

Its a busy morning on the “Star Wars” front with Disney Pictures releasing the first clip from “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” along with a nostalgic behind-the-scenes featurette that celebrates the end of the saga.

The clip shows off what looks like this film’s take on the Endor speeder chase from “Return of the Jedi,” albeit this time it isn’t a forest chase but rather a desert one. There’s also some jetpacked Stormtroopers for good measure. The featurette meanwhile offers glimpses of Ed Sheeran and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s cameos in the new film.

Both clips come as Colin Trevorrow, the original planned helmer of the feature and who is still listed with a ‘story by’ credit in the final writing arbitration, spoke with Empire a little bit about his contributions to the script that have survived in J.J. Abrams final film.

Specifically Trevorrow confirms that Emperor Palpatine’s return in the film was an idea Abrams came up with and is entirely his, Trevorrow adding it was something he himself “never considered”. That said he adds that Abrams embraced some of the ideas from Trevorrow’s own rough early script.

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” opens December 20th.