“Skyscraper” To Be 2018’s Top Original Grosser?

The Dwayne Johnson-led action thriller “Skyscraper” is looking set to break one unexpected box-office record. Despite being a film that’s dubbed “The Towering Inferno” meets “Die Hard,” there is one thing “Skyscraper” is that almost every other studio movie isn’t this Summer – an original.

As a result, Forbes reports that early box office tracking numbers suggest the Rawson Marshall Thurber-directed film could become the highest-grossing original live-action movie of not just the season but all of 2018. At present, the film is on track to open with around $32 million, that puts it way ahead of the highest-grossing original live-action film of the summer so far – “Book Club” which opened to $13 million and made $66 million total.

Domestically the film would struggle to top breakout horror film “A Quiet Place” which opened in the Spring to $50 million opening and ended up grossing $187 million domestically and $330 million worldwide. However, Johnson’s star power has pushed his other recent films to global success with the site saying “Skyscraper” is expected to do “San Andreas”-level numbers. That film ultimately made $474 million worldwide.

“Skyscraper” opens in cinemas next week.