Skyfall Trailer Debuts, Bond 24 Set

While the first trailer for the new James Bond film “Skyfall” likely won’t hit theatres until “Men in Black III” in late May, it seems a screening of it took place at CinemaCon in Las Vegas yesterday as a few descriptions have started to emerge online.

Most of the audio is Bond engaged in a word association game with an MI6 shrink. Words spoken: “Country”/”England”, “Gun”/”Shot”, “Agent”/”Provocateur”, “Murder”… “Employment”.

We then see Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes’ characters behind glass watching Bond being subjected to this. When the questioner asks “Skyfall”, Bond responds “Done” and walks up to the glass.

Cut to a quick montage with looks at scenes shot in Shanghai and London along with sequences set around a Macau casino and the London underground. The clip ends with Bond saying “Some men are coming to kill us. We’ve got to kill them first” as coffins covered in Union Jack flags are seen.

At the event Sony also confirmed plans to return to a biennial pattern of 007 film releases with only two years between “Skyfall” and Bond 24 which will hit late 2014.

Meanwhile Empire have released a special issue about the upcoming film and offered a few key bits of information. For instance Ralph Fiennes’ role is confirmed to be an MI6 higher-up named Mallory.

Mendes has some rules about the character which were fascinating – namely he can’t have a similarly aged partner – “there’s this constant tension where he only has relationships with his senior figures in MI6 – and women”. He must also have some racy interactions with women.

Most importantly though Bond is not a ‘real world’ scenario – “He doesn’t live entirely in the real world, in the sense that you can’t put him on the street. He’s not Bourne. Bourne is a footsoldier. You walk into Waterloo station this morning, he’s probably there, standing next to you. Bond can’t do that. He has to have his own space around him.” That means a return of a slight touch of playfulness missing in the last two films, especially the last one.

Mendes says he’s intends to supply, along with action, a “kind of emotional engagement that maybe you haven’t seen before in Bond. You’ve got to give him an arc, not just a mission.”

Don’t worry about a lack of action though, one sequence involves a country home under siege with a helicopter gun strafing through the walls.

Mendes, Daniel Craig and the film crew are filming scenes on Koca Calis Beach this week in Fethiye, Turkey according to Second unit filming has already been busy in Istanbul for weeks shooting a motorcycle chase across roof tops and a car chase through the Grand Bazaar markets.