Skyfall Set To Open In IMAX

IMAX, EON Productions, MGM Studios and Sony Pictures have announced that the new James Bond movie “Skyfall” will be released in IMAX theaters both domestically and internationally – the first time a Bond movie has been screened in the large format.

The film will follow Sony’s usual worldwide release pattern with Bond films – opening in much of Europe in late October, the rest of the world in the first week of November, and the U.S. in the second week of November.

Like with “Quantum of Solace” though, there are three notable exceptions – Japan, South Africa, and my own country Australia where we HAVE TO F**KIN’ WAIT another 3-4 weeks until the end of November.

The announcement comes a day after the release of a video blog talking with the film’s director Sam Mendes which gives us brief glimpses of scenes being shot.