Skyfall Scores Huge As Others Bomb

Opening across two dozen territories this weekend, the latest James Bond film hasn’t just scored stellar reviews but is breaking box-office records as well.

The new 007 outing has taken in over $77 million in its first few days with $32 million coming from the United Kingdom alone. That’s the biggest Friday opening day and opening weekend of any film in that country. $32 million is well ahead of the opening weekends of “Casino Royale” at $21.5M and “Quantum Of Solace” at $24.8M.

The two previous Daniel Craig-led Bond films have each garnered totals of $168M States-side and about $590M worldwide, both those numbers are expected to be advanced upon by “Skyfall”. Some early estimates peg this Bond as being the one to finally cross the $200M barrier within the United States.

The added bonus? “Skyfall” was also the cheapest of the three Craig films to produce with a budget of $150 million. The film opens across much of the rest of the world this coming Friday, the U.S. on November 8th, and in Australia and New Zealand on November 22nd.

The U.S. box-office is in need of a jolt right now as several newcomers were dead on arrival. The Wachowski’s expensive “Cloud Atlas”, the horror sequel “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”, the Victoria Justice teen comedy “Fun Size”, and the surfing drama “Chasing Mavericks” all under performed with the first two earning under $10 million while the latter two didn’t even crack the Top Ten.

The threat of a hurricane off the East Coast, tsunami off Hawaii, and people out celebrating Halloween meant not a lot of people have been flocking to the cinemas this weekend.

Source: Deadline