Sizemore, Hannah Take Some “Snuff”

Daryl Hannah, Tom Sizemore, and Thora Birch have all signed on for the adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s 2008 novel “Snuff” reports

The story centers on an aging porn star, Cassie Wright (Daryl Hannah), who tries to set the record for the biggest gang-bang in history by screwing six hundred men on camera in one day.

Despite the subject matter, there’s little actual sex in the book as it focuses on three men bonding through their future sexual conquest. Things get more twisted as a few claim she is their misplaced mother yet still plan to have sex with her.

Sizemore will play Mr. 600, the man who introduced Cassie to the industry, while Birch will play Cassie’s personal assistant. French filmmaker Fabien Martorell will direct from a script he is co-writing with Karina Wilson.