Six More To Appear In “Daredevil”

Six further supporting cast members in Marvel and Netflix’s “Daredevil” TV series have been revealed just a few weeks ahead of the show’s debut on the streaming service on April 10th. The newcomers include:

Rob Morgan as Turk Barrett, a small time and not too bright crook who often crosses paths with Daredevil (Charlie Cox).

Matt Gerald as Melvin Potter, a machinist caught in a tricky situation. In the comics, he becomes the super villain Gladiator.

Peter Shinkoda as Nobu, a Japanese businessman who is an ally of the Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) but has his own agenda.

Wai Ching Ho as Madame Gao, a powerful woman running her own trade.

and finally Nikolai Nikolaeff and Gideon Emery as two Russian brothers named Vladimir and Anatoly who have come to America to forge new lives.