Six Join Rob Reiner’s “Flipped”

Aidan Quinn, Penelope Ann Miller, John Mahoney, Anthony Edwards, Rebecca De Mornay and Kevin Weisman are either in talks, negotiations or involved in”Flipped” for East of Doheny says The Hollywood Reporter.

The Rob Reiner-directed feature adaptation of Wendelin Van Draanen’s 2001 young-adult novel revolves around the confusing romantic developments of antagonistic boy and girl neighbors who eventually share a kiss when they reach their teens.

Quinn and Miller will play the girl’s parents while Edwards and De Mornay are playing the boy’s parents. Weisman will play the girl’s mentally challenged uncle, while Mahoney will play the boy’s grandfather.

The story takes place from 1957-63 as the kids grow up from ages 7 to 13. Reiner and writer-producer Andy Scheinman (“Bait,” “North”) wrote the screenplay which the Ephron sisters were originally developing.

Reiner, Kelly Gonda and Alan Greisman are producing with filming kicking off late June in Michigan.