Sinister Scribe Returns For “Doctor Strange”

Filmmaker Scott Derrickson is re-teaming with his “Sinister” co-writer C. Robert Cargill on Marvel’s upcoming “Doctor Strange” film.

The film has gone through several different writers over the years with early drafts by Thomas Donnelly, Joshua Oppenheimer and Jon Spaihts. Cargill took to social media today to announce that he’s been working on the project for the past year.

Filming on “Doctor Strange” has been underway for quite a few weeks now with a Nepal location shoot already wrapped and current filming now taking place on sound stages in the U.K.

Cargill and Derrickson previously teamed on scripts for a new “The Outer Limits” film and a movie adaptation of the “Deus Ex” video game series.

In related news, producer Louis D’Esposito has posted a photo from the set of himself, Derrickson and producer Stephen Broussard on the set – in this case a door with the Seal of the Vishanti which indicates we’ll see the Sanctum Sanctorum in the film.