Sinister 6 Teased In “Spider-Man 2” Trailer

While the new trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” sequel is full of juicy shots, one sequence halfway through is getting all the attention. That scene? The teasing of the various villains of the ‘Sinister Six’.

From 1:13-1:21 seconds in the new trailer are several scenes that seem to do just that. In a callback to the post-credits coda of the first film, the shadowy trenchcoated figure from that sequence appears walking through a hallway where Doctor Octopus’ mech arms and Vulture’s wings can be seen.

After that comes a scene where six large bay doors, labelled 3 through 8 (though 8 is mostly hidden), open all at once. However, it cuts to another scene before we can see what comes out of them. It also looks as though someone (likely Harry Osborn) arrives in an elevator in that area and is the one that triggers said doors. All of this is suggested to be taking place within the bowels of the Oscorp building.

There’s a suggestion that this sequence will be this film’s post-credits scene. Even if it’s not, it certainly one hell of a tease this early on. The silhouetted figure also remains a mystery – the shape is of an older male but doesn’t appear to be Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn who appears elsewhere in the trailer bed-ridden.

One capture shows the Oscorp computer file system, with the words “Venom Storage” listed. Screen Crush, the site to suggest the hallway scene is the post-credits stinger, also suggests that another cell in the scene will contain the Venom symbiote suit.

Then there’s this shot which shows Felicity Jones playing Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. The Black Cat. The character is Harry Osborn’s girlfriend in the film and can be seen looking at his Green Goblin hovering outside the Oscorp building.

Director Marc Webb and some of the primary cast have gone through the trailer with Total Film, commenting on some of the key scenes. The key quote is from Webb about the big sequence I mentioned above. Webb says:

“The big prominent villain in this film is Electro, but there are many adversaries that Spider-Man’s gonna have to face. But the evil empire – the consistent thing between them all – is the evil empire known as OsCorp, or what’s becoming this evil empire. That’s something that may inform people’s viewing of the trailer.”