Singer Tweets New “X-Men” Sequel Details

Director Bryan Singer has used his Twitter account to answer several fan questions about the much anticipated “X-Men: Days of Future Past” ahead of tomorrow’s trailer release.

Singer says the film is “a bit darker than the previous films, particularly because of the stakes,” and Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique will be “a much more hardened kick-ass character”.

Amongst the new mutants we’ll see there’s Blink, Bishop, Sunspot, Warpath, Ink, and Quicksilver.

The trailer itself will be “primarily a character piece, as most of our VFX are not yet finished.”

We’ll also see some of the 1970s-set scenes using filming techniques of the time as he used “colors, some of the style [and] music” from the era, along with “16 [and] 8mm footage which I operated myself for some scenes.”

Singer also credited the cast, saying they are all “great actors who know their characters – who know how to bring them to life.”

Source: Heat Vision