Simon Pegg Will Never Helm A Trek Film

Though he slipped behind the camera to co-write the script for the new film, “Star Trek Beyond” actor Simon Pegg says he has no plans to direct either a “Star Trek” film or pretty much any other film.

Speaking with THR in Dubai this week, he talked about his nerves working on the script for ‘Beyond’ and how, watching director Justin Lin in action, makes him certain he won’t be helming anytime soon:

“Having watched Justin [Lin] making this movie… going behind the monitor to watch what he’s done makes me realize that I’m never going to direct a Star Trek… It’s such an incredible, innate visual style. I see people do these things and I’m always impressed, but I could never hope to do them.

I see people directing action and camera work in such an exciting way and just think, ‘Oh what’s the point?’ It’s probably best for everyone who goes to the cinema if I don’t. It would be fun, but I don’t envy [Lin’s] job.

Pegg and Doug Jung penned the ‘Beyond’ script and Pegg surprisingly revealed that Roberto Orci’s previous scripts – the ones that were chucked out before Pegg and Jung came onboard – have not been worked into the new script. In fact Pegg never saw Orci’s work: “We tried to read the [Orci’s] scripts, we tried to get them through various means, but failed.”

Production on “Star Trek Beyond” is currently underway in the United Arab Emirates ahead of a release next July.