Simon Pegg Joins Spielberg’s “Player One”

Simon Pegg is in negotiations to join Olivia Cooke, Tye Sheridan and Ben Mendelsohn in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi feature “Ready Player One” at .

Based on the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, the story is set in a virtual reality universe called Oasis that humans in the not-too-distant future come to prefer to living in the real world.

The action begins when James Halliday, the founder of Oasis, dies and offers his fortune up in a treasure hunt that brings out all kinds of contestants – including a teenager named Wade Watts (Sheridan).

Pegg will play Ogden ‘Og’ Morrow, the co-creator of Oasis and best friend of Halliday. Rich yet humble, the role is said to parallel that of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Zak Penn penned the script for the film which opens March 2018.

Source: The Wrap