Simm Spends Days With Winterbottom

With “Life on Mars” now over and a cushy recurring gig as the new form of an old nemesis of David Tennant’s Time Lord on “Doctor Who,” British thesp John Simm has slotted in another project under his belt.

Simm will star as a man serving a five-year prison term for drug smuggling in Michael Winterbottom’s upcoming “Seven Days” project for Channel 4.

What makes this different is that Winterbottom plans to film the story over five years, a few weeks at a time. That means the film won’t hit cinemas until sometime in 2012.

Shirley Henderson has been cast as his wife and the film will chart their relationship, and his relationship with their four children, over the course of his sentence until his release.

Winterbottom and Laurence Coriat will also write the script as the story develops over the years, with the first scenes already having been shot in Norfolk.