Simm, Sheen & Jacobi See A Doctor

Acclaimed “Life on Mars” and “State of Play” star John Simm indicated in a radio interview the other day that he would neither confirm or deny reports in last week’s British press that he’s up for playing the legendary role of “Doctor Who” nemesis ‘The Master’.

According to The Sun, the character is rumoured to be returning at the end of the revived series third season which is currently shooting its final two episodes.

The paper first reported talk of Simm being up for the role of The Master last week. Today they added that Michael Sheen, drawing raves for his work playing Tony Blair in the Oscar-nominated “The Queen,” is also in competition for the part.

How it fits in may tie in with another piece of casting – acting legend Sir Derek Jacobi. The BBC have confirmed that Jacobi will guest star late this season in the role of The Professor, a character who desperately helps The Doctor (David Tennant) to try and stop the world from ending.