Silver Talks “Escape from New York” Remake

One of the few remakes of a 1980s movie property that seems to have stalled is that of the “Escape from New York” reboot. Attempts have been made to update John Carpenter’s 1981 dystopian sci-fi film, but they have never progressed beyond some name attachments.

The likes of Gerard Butler, Timothy Olyphant, Jason Statham and Tom Hardy have all been linked to Kurt Russell’s iconic role of Snake Plissken at different times, but none of those versions came to fruition.

At last report, producer Joel Silver and Studio Canal were teaming to produce a new ‘Escape’ trilogy which would begin with an origin tale. Silver himself has now given an update on the film to Collider who asked if the film’s script was finished:

“No, no we’re not, no we’re not. I mean, it’s funny because we have a relationship with Studio Canal, which somehow ended up with the rights to that, and it has been floating around L.A. or at least in the development world for a long time.

I always liked Kurt’s character, the Snake Plissken character, so I’ve always like that idea, but we kind of figured out a way to do almost a trilogy of that story.

There was a video game that came out a few years ago called Batman: Arkham City, which shows how when Gotham became this kind of walled prison and how it became a walled prison.

And they never deal with that in the story of ‘Escape from New York,’ so part of our idea was to kind of see how the city became this walled prison and how the Snake Plissken character was a hero and how he became not looked at as a hero.

And then, in the middle of the story, would be the movie that we, you know, previously saw about the President’s daughter goes down, he has to go in and get her.

And then, you know, they did a sequel, Escape from LA, but I would like to then kind of find a way to have New York go back to a place that we’d like to see what it is today.

So there is a way to tell the story in three ways, but we haven’t got there yet and we’re just starting”