Silver In No Hurry For A Woman

Speaking with iF Magazine about the various delays on the “Wonder Woman” project, producer Joel Silver admits that he’s not really in any rush to push it out.

“When we figure that out we’ll make it work. It took me eleven years to put ‘Speed Racer’ together and it took me eight to ten years to do ‘V for Vendetta’, and these things don’t happen quickly now ‘Wonder Woman’ has been seven years” says Silver.

He adds – “sometimes they come in there very quickly and sometimes they don’t. I want to make the right movie on this movie and I think if we do it right we can. I just couldn’t get there”.

Finally, what about that WW2 era script about the property he mentioned – “That was script that came about it had nothing to do with it. It had some great ideas but I didn’t want it floating around and we just took it off the market. It was a period movie and I really didn’t want to do that.”