Silent Hill-Esque Town Becomes A TV Series

NBC has won a bidding war for “Centralia,” a new genre drama from “Star-Crossed” creator/executive producer Meredith Averill.

The dark character-driven genre soap is based on the real town in central Pennsylvania where an underground coal mine fire has been burning for over fifty years. Condemned in 1992, the majority of residents relocated but eight won the right to stay.

In the series, the remaining few residents in this often fog-shrouded ghost town are determined to preserve their homes but are unaware of the evil slowly making its way to the surface. Roger Avary, who penned the 2006 film adaptation of the “Silent Hill” video game series, says his script was inspired by the town.

Averill is executive producing along with Amblin TV’s Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey.

Source: Deadline