Silence of the Lambs House For Sale

The home used by Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) in the Oscar-winning thriller “Silence of the Lambs” is going on the market. The three-story Victorian home near Perryopolis, Pennsylvania has been put up for sale by its owners for an asking price of $300,000.

The 63-year-old home owners, Scott and Barbara Lloyd, have decided to downsize and move to a smaller house a few miles away. They purchased the home in 1976 and were at home having dinner one night in 1989 when a producer knocked on their door.

Soon after a production crew spent six weeks getting the house ready for filming for a shoot that ran for only three days. Talking with TribLive about why their house was chosen, Barbara Lloyd says:

“They were looking for a home in which you entered the front door and had a straight line through. They wanted it to look like a spider web, with Buffalo Bill drawing Jodie Foster into the foyer, into the kitchen, then into the basement.”

The foyer and dining room were both featured in the film, but the dungeon scenes were shot on a soundstage near Pittsburgh. Several other key scenes from the film were also shot around the area.