Sigourney Weaver Joins Blomkamp’s “Chappie”

Sigourney Weaver has joined the cast of Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi feature “Chappie” from Sony Pictures and Media Rights Capital.

After being kidnapped by two criminals during birth, Chappie becomes the adopted son in a strange and dysfunctional family.

Chappie is preternaturally gifted, one of a kind, a prodigy. He also happens to be a robot.

Sharlto Copley is voicing Chappie, while Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, Ninja, Yolandi Visser, Jose Pablo Cantillo and Brandon Auret star.

Blomkamp co-wrote the screenplay with Terri Tatchell. He and Simon Kinberg are producing.

Production has just begun in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Source: Heat Vision