Sienna Guillory Returns For “Resident Evil 5”

Actress Sienna Guillory has confirmed that she’s joined the cast of the upcoming fifth “Resident Evil”.

A month ago came the announcement that a new ‘Resident’ was in the works and all that was known at the time was that series star Milla Jovovich will be reprising her role.

Now, Guillory posted on her Twitter this week that “RE:5 alert! Training begins! I aim to mostly put less in the big hole on the front of my face than comes out of the little one on my arse.”

Guillory played the role of Jill Valentine in the second film “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”. She briefly showed up in a cameo at the end of “Resident Evil: Afterlife” as being under the control of an Umbrella device and leading an assault helicopter squadron.