Sicko Prognosis Diagnosed Earlier

Michael Moore’s heathcare documentary “Sicko,” which is to roll out nationwide June 29, will open a week early on Friday in New York City says The Hollywood Reporter.

The already well-reviewed doco will play an exclusive engagement at the AMC-Loews Lincoln Square Theater. Additionally, public sneak previews of the film will be held at more than 40 theaters around the country on Saturday.

It’s thought that one of the big reasons behind the early release is the leaking of a good quality copy onto both Torrent file-sharing systems and YouTube in the past two weeks have generated fears that the film will not earn back its revenue.

Moore himself however has no real issue with people downloading the film, telling Coming Soon that “I’m glad that people were able to see my movie… I’m not a big believer in our copyright laws. I think they’re way too restrictive.”