Sicario Sequel Already In The Works

Lionsgate and Black Label Media are developing a sequel to the just released and acclaimed drug war-themed dramatic thriller “Sicario”.

In the first film Emily Blunt plays a steely FBI agent who finds herself involved in an off-the-books operation to bring down a Mexican drug kingpin – one led by a morally flexible Government spook (Josh Brolin) and a lethal operative whose loyalties seem questionable (Del Toro).

Taylor Sheridan, who wrote the first film, is returning for the follow-up which would center on Benicio Del Toro’s mysterious hitman.

Director Denis Villeneuve is also involved, but it’s too early to tell at this point if he would return to helm or only as producer.

“Sicario” opened on just six screens last week where it scored the highest per-screen average of the year with $66,881. It is slated to go wide next week.

Source: Variety