Shyamalan’s “Tales from the Crypt” Revival Stalled

Earlier this year came word that the cable network TNT is set to produce a revival of the classic “Tales from the Crypt” franchise with filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan slated to produce.

At the time it seemed the plan was for the show to premiere before this point, but since then there appears to have been little progress on it. Recently a rumor sprang up that TNT had scrapped the project due to budget issues. In response, TNT has now issued a statement acknowledging that the project isn’t dead but has been delayed due to legal issues:

“The underlying rights to this classic, vintage property are complicated. TNT and others have been pursuing a solution for more than a year, with significant progress being made. We look forward to the potential for further active development of this valuable franchise once the clearance process is fully resolved.”

The original series ran from the summer of 1989 until the summer of 1996 on HBO with a total of 93 episodes aired.

Source: Cinema Blend