Shyamalan Wants To Do “Unbreakable 2”

One of M. Night Shyamalan’s most well-regarded films was 2000’s “Unbreakable,” the filmmaker’s follow-up effort following his success with “The Sixth Sense.” The film starts off as a thriller about a man with extraordinary abilities, but by the end turns into one of the more unconventional superhero origin films ever made.

Since its release there has been murmurings that the director was considering a follow-up, especially now as the superhero genre has taken off in such an extreme way. Such a project never came to fruition, but in a new interview during promotional rounds for “Wayward Pines,” Shyamalan tells Collider he still has plans for doing a follow-up:

“I love those characters and I love that world. Of course, the whole world makes comic book movies now. At the time, it was completely novel. I remember when I made it, Disney was literally like, ‘Comic books?! There’s no market for comic books!’ That’s all they make now! It was a hilarious conversation.”

Shyamalan says that despite everything that has come since, the tone of the original film and its real, grounded world would be kept for any potential follow-up:

“It feels like a straight-up drama. It’s real. You’re confronting the possibility that comic book characters were based on people that were real. That’s the premise, so the tone has to be super grounded. It would be cool.”

The original film generated $248 million in worldwide box-office from a $75 million budget. Shyamalan’s more recent films though haven’t performed nearly as well.