Shyamalan: U.S. Critics Didn’t Get “Airbender”

Even with several heavily panned films under his belt, the live-action fantasy epic “The Last Airbender” arguably remains the nadir of M. Night Shyamalan’s directorial efforts so far.

Several years after it took place, an old interview with Shyamalan has been making the rounds again recently where Shyamalan says his filmmaking has a “European sensibility” which means American film critics don’t get him.

“They’ve never got me, and it’s getting worse. it’s almost like, go away. I also think I’m getting more, you know, influenced by other cultures more, as you could see from the movie. So I’m not doing like a straight-up American movie anymore.

I always had a European sensibility to my movies. The pacing is always a little bit off for them, and it feels a little stilted, and they need more electricity and all that stuff.”

He goes on to cite Hitchcock, Kurosawa and Stanley Kubrick as the filmmakers that inform his style. He also cites Japanese film critics as labelling his work ‘genius’.

Source: Unleash the Fanboy