Shyamalan, Antal, Lurie Give Project Updates

Out doing press for “The Last Airbender”, filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan tells MTV News he’s still open to the idea of doing a sequel to his superhero-themed feature “Unbreakable”.

“If I think of the right story – and by that I mean something that resonates with me right now, you know, at my age and where I am and what movie I’ve come off of – if I can do that, then I’ll get really excited and I’ll write a draft and I’ll go beg Disney for us to be able to make it” said Shyamalan.

Meanwhile Nimrod Antal (“Predators,” “Vacancy”) tells The Playlist that he and Robert Rodriguez have already discussed a sequel to next week’s “Predators” but they’ll wait and see how the box-office goes.

Antal adds that he’s also working on a dystopian thriller passion project called “Paraffin”. Is that next for him? “I’m going to try to get that going. But at the same time I’m just keeping my options open and trying to appreciate the moment. Just open up and see what happens. It’s actually the one I wanted to write and direct right after ‘Kontroll.’ So that’s what I’m doing next”

Finally Rod Lurie (“The Contender”) tells Collider that his remake of Sam Peckinpah’s “Straw Dogs” won’t tone down the edge that made the original so infamous.

Lurie says “I keep reading blogs from people saying it’s going to be far less violent than the 1971 film [or that] the rape scene will be watered down. And those people are going to be shocked because this movie is hard R, it’s a tough movie… If you’re looking for the film to be less violent, less tense, less provocative, less controversial than the first you’re looking at the wrong film. It’s going to be very controversial.”