Showtime Officially Cancels “The Borgias”

Showtime has confirmed that the current third season of the Neil Jordan-created medieval drama “The Borgias” will be the last. The June 16th season finale will now serve as the series finale

The original plan was to run for four seasons to match the show’s pseudo-predecessor “The Tudors”. However, Jordan was not sure he had enough material, or if Showtime had any interest in doing a full fourth season.

The hope instead was that Jordan could finish the story arc of all the characters with a two-hour movie and Showtime commissioned a script that he wrote.

The network has now made the decision not to proceed with said movie due to the expense. Jordan reportedly says he’s still quite happy with the way the story ends in the third season finale.

Showtime Entertainment President David Nevins says: “I was reluctant to do an extra two-hour disconnected from the whole that could be potentially anti-climactic. Now we have a nice upward build towards the finale. We have a nice ending, a good climax, and I didn’t want to muck it up with an afterthought.”

The series bows out with its best numbers yet, averaging 2.4 million weekly viewers across platforms.

Jordan says he “wanted a totally biblical ending, for the Pope to burn in hell” in his proposed two-hour finale. Jeremy Irons’ Pope Alexander would be seen dying and have no one willing to hear his confession.

Source: Deadline