Showtime Ends “Big C”, Renews Others

At the recent Television Critics Association presentation for the Showtime network, the company’s entertainment president David Nevins confirmed that its acclaimed dark comedy series “The Big C” is being renewed for a short final fourth season. The show will finish its life with a special run of “four hour-long instalments”.

In terms of other shows on the network, everything seems to be continuing as scheduled with “Dexter” finishing up with its eighth season at the end of next year.

Originally planned for four seasons, “The Borgias” is still on track to stick with that plan with the third season currently in production ahead of airing next year.

“Shameless” reportedly “has got a long future” for the network so it’s safe for some time, the same goes for its acclaimed drama “Homeland”. Less certain is “Episodes” which is expected to come back as details are being worked out right now.