Showtime Denies “Dexter” Revival Rumors

There are no current plans to reboot “Dexter” says Showtime representatives today following a bunch of wild rumors swirling over the Thanksgiving holiday break.

The official account for the Michael C. Hall-led series about Dexter Morgan, a troubled Miami P.D. blood spatter analyst by day and serial killer by night, posted a cryptic tweet over the holiday which stirred talk of a revival two years after the series concluded.

While there are no current plans to bring back the series, Showtime has previously expressed interest in revisiting the property in some way.

Coming out of the gate strong, the first four seasons of “Dexter” scored much acclaim. While the ratings generally kept going up, reviewers response to the series plummeted throughout the fifth to eighth season to the point that the finale is considered one of the worst finales for a TV series ever produced.

Source: The Live Feed