Showtime Chiefs On “Twin Peaks” Episode Count

Though Showtime had numerous TV shows to promote and talk about at their Television Critics Association panel, the one that everyone was asking network President and CEO David Nevins about was David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” revival.

No footage from the new episodes were screened but it has been confirmed that filming has wrapped with Lynch currently in the midst of editing the show ahead of a premiere in the first half of 2017.

One of the big questions is episode – how many have been done? Turns out even the network doesn’t know. Nevins says: “We don’t even know for sure how many episodes there will be.”

President of Programming Gary Levine adds: “It is a fluid process. David Lynch who is doing it all, he co-wrote with Mark [Frost], he directed every episode, he’s editing every episode, scoring every episode. It’s a process of seeing how it evolved. That organism continues to evolve. Until he’s figured that out and shows it to us, we actually won’t know.”

They also confirm episodes won’t have to conclude within a 60 minute timeframe either, but one thing they won’t do is release the entire season at once – it will be a weekly show.

Source: Showtime