Showtime Cancels Crowe’s “Roadies” Series

Expensive music-themed shows on TV have had a tough time this year. HBO and Martin Scorsese’s “Vinyl” was a flop, the episodes met with mixed reviews and the show was cancelled after its first season despite having previously been renewed for a second.

Netflix and Baz Luhrmann’s “The Get Down” has been a critical darling, but at least one study has indicated it has been a viewership fizzler for the streaming giant. The show has a few months before the second half of its first season goes to air, but it sounds like if it doesn’t find an audience soon it also won’t be scoring a renewal.

Finally there’s Showtime and Cameron Crowe’s “Roadies” with word coming today that the premium cabler has canceled the show just a few weeks after it wrapped its ten-episode inaugral run. Posting on his site The Uncool, Crowe spoke about the end of the series:

“My mind is still spinning from the giddy highs of working with this epic cast and crew. Though we could tell a thousand more stories, this run ends with a complete ten-hour tale of music and love. Like a song that slips under your skin, or a lyric that keeps speaking to you, we hope the spell of ‘Roadies’ lingers. It was life-changing experience for all of us.”

Upon release the show was widely panned while audience figures were dismal with a viewership in the 250,000 to 350,000 per episode range.

Source: THR