Batman Beyond


Cast: Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle, Stockard Channing, Lauren Tom, Sherman Howard, Teri Garr, Rachael Leigh Cook, Seth Green

  • Airs:
  • Air Dates: January 1999 - December 2001


Batman Beyond premiered on January 10, 1999. It told the story about a new and different Batman. It takes place 20 years after Batman appeared for the last time. Terry McGinnis rekindles the fire in Bruce Wayne's bitter old heart, and takes up the role as the new Dark Knight - with the old one as his mentor. With a new ruler of Gotham City, Derek Powers, crime is at an all time high. After Terry finds out Bruce's secret, and his father is killed, Terry becomes the new Batman. He has to juggle life being a superhero, and being a high school student. He's a more high-tech Batman, with rocket boots and cloaks. He's the Knight of Tomorrow.