Babylon 5


Cast: Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, Jerry Doyle, Peter Jurasik, Mira Furlan, Andreas Katsulas, Richard Biggs, Patricia Tallman, Bill Mumy, Stephen Furst, Michael O'Hare, Andrea Martin, Jason Carter

  • Airs:
  • Air Dates: February 1993 - November 1998


Unlike most television series, Babylon 5 is a single story, completely planned out from day one with a beginning, middle, and end. Each episode is enjoyable on its own, but is also a piece of a larger whole, a chapter in a five-year-long novel for television.

It was the dawn of the third age of mankind. The Babylon Project was a dream given form. Its goal, to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully. It's a port of call - home away from home for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanderers. Humans and aliens wrapped in two million, five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night.

This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations and its various crews attempts to hold of an ancient evil bent on conquering the galaxy, whilst their own goverments are corrupted from within by dangerous conspiracies. Its a place where characters grow, change, die, and mysteries are ever unfolding.