Jonathan Creek


Cast: Alan Davies,Caroline Quentin, Julia Sawalha, Stuart Milligan, Sheridan Smith, Anthony Stewart Head

  • Airs:
  • Air Dates: May 1997 - Still Running...


The series follows the exploits of Jonathan Creek, a designer of illusions for a stage magicia, and — in the first three series — Maddie Magellan, a pushy journalist, as they work together to solve baffling crimes where others have failed to do so. Creek contributes his superb lateral-thinking brain, and Magellan is a plausible liar who never seems to have trouble sneaking in to closed crime scenes. The programme usually features 'impossible crimes', for example a mysterious crime having been committed in a sealed environment from which no earthly criminal could have escaped (a "locked room mystery"). Several episodes deal with apparently paranormal thefts and murders, which Jonathan solves using his knowledge of misdirection and illusion.