Doctor Who


Cast: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Billie Piper, John Barrowman, Christopher Eccleston, Elisabeth Sladen, Adjoa Andoh, Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri, John Simm

  • Airs: 7pm Saturdays
  • Air Dates: March 2005 - Still Running...


The longest running science fiction series of all time, the original "Doctor Who" began back in 1963 and ran for 36 years through til 1989. After an aborted attempt at a restart with a 1996 US TV movie, the BBC finally began production on a new incarnation/continuation which began airing in 2005.

Series One: Kicked off with the ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and his new companion , a young but clueless shopgirl named Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) as they travel in the TARDIS across time to take on all sorts of monsters and threats to history from gaseous aliens in Victorian-era Wales, lizard-like Slitheen in Downing Street, and zombie-fied children during the London Blitz of WW2. Along the way it was slowly revealed that he is the last of the Time Lords, the rest were lost in a great war with the Daleks. A few of the metal monsters survived and tried to manipulate Earth's history before launching an invasion. The Doctor, Rose and adventurer Capt. Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) managed to stop them but only at the cost of The Doctor's life.

Series Two: Regenerated into his tenth incarnation (David Tennant), Rose got used to dealing with the Doctor's whole new personality traits as they continued their adventures through time and space, this time protecting Queen Victoria from a werewolf, falling in love with Madame Du Pompadour, re-visiting his old companion Sarah Jane Smith, and discovering a creature of pure evil at the edge of a black hole. Unbeknownest to both, another of the Doctor's old enemies was out there. An army of metal monsters quite different to the Daleks, but one with far colder and more determined plans for the fate of mankind and the universe - the Cybermen. The battle came to Earth as the Cybermen, and a few remaining Daleks, went to war with humanity caught in the middle. Eventually stopped and thrown back into a void between dimensions, Rose and her family became stranded on a parallel Earth with no way of getting back.

Series Three: The Doctor encounters a young medical student named Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) who finds her hospital one day suddenly transported to the Moon. Offered the opportunity to travel time and space, she soon joins The Doctor on his journey which includes helping William Shakespeare stop an alien invasion, destroy The Daleks plans for genetically altering humanity in 1930's Manhattan, rescuing a ship from falling into a star, and protecting The Doctor who makes himself a human school teacher in 1913 to hide out from an aggressive alien family. The return of Captain Jack throws the trio to the end of the universe where they witness the frightening return of The Doctor's nemesis - The Master. The unstable Time Lord has taken on a new form, one which has been manipulating events and members of Jones family for his own sinister purpose - to conquer the Earth and rebuild the Time Lord empire under his rule. He's stopped and his damage reversed, but Martha chooses to walk away and stay with her family as the cost of traveling with the Doctor is too high.

Series Four: The Doctor once again encounters Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), a jilted bride whom he met a year before and was being used in a scheme by an alien spider, only this time she came along for the ride. The outspoken former temp wasn't afraid to talk back to the Doctor on his level and together they traveled to Pompeii during the eruption, discovered how the Ood race was being abused, solved the mystery of Agatha Christie's disappearance, and dealt with a genetically cloned 'daughter' of The Doctor. The pair are reunited with Martha, now working for U.N.I.T., as an old enemy - the cloned armies of the Sontarans - tried to establish a foothold on Earth. The pair also met a new face, space archaeologist River Song who will one day become the Doctor's single most trusted companion. Throughout their time together, planets began disappearing from the cosmos and Rose Tyler manages to break through the dimensional barriers to warn the Doctor. A new Dalek empire is on the rise, one lead by their mad scientist creator Davros determined to destroy all of creation, and only the re-teaming of all his most recent companions was able to stop it. The final battle though came at a price and left the Doctor once again alone in his travels.

The Specials: The Doctor proceeded to travel alone, tackling both Cybermen and what initially looked like one of his future incarnations in Victorian-era London. At Easter he ended up on a bus transported to a alien desert and with the help of a master thief returned everyone to the present. One of the survivors though warned him that his death is coming, a prophecy that haunts him when he visits a crucial moment in history on a Martian spacebase in 2153. Defying the laws of time, he rescues the crew and relishes in his newfound power - until a grim suicide shakes him to his senses. The return of The Master, more unstable than ever, changes the face of the world and heralds the return of the Time Lords, not the aristocrats of old but the dark incarnations that planned to tear all of reality apart in their effort to survive the war. With the help of Donna's grandfather Wilf, The Doctor managed to stop them and in the process suffers a fatal radiation exposure. Visiting his various companions one last time, The Doctor reluctantly finds himself undergoing a violent regeneration that nearly destroys the TARDIS.

Series Five: Crash landing on Earth, the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor (Matt Smith) finds a new companion in the form of Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), a young woman and something of a lost soul whom he met as a child and promised to take on a trip. Their journey takes them, and later Amy's fiancee Rory (Arthur Darvill), to an alien vampire coven in Renaissance Venice, uncovering a bold plan by Churchill to use Daleks to fight the Nazis in WW2, a future Britain where dangerous monks hide a secret, an encounter with an old adversary the reptilitian Silurians, meetings with both Vincent Van Gogh and the mysterious Dream Lord, a timeshare in an unusual flat, and the return of a younger River Song as she leads a team fighting off the Weeping Angels. Throughout their travels though they're followed by cracks in the fabric of the universe, cracks that are getting larger and seemed to be the result of an explosion that takes place on Amy's wedding day and ties back to The Doctor. As The Pandorica, a prison of legend, opens - the universe will come to an end and all of time and space will be rewritten.