The Thick of It


Cast: Peter Capaldi, Chris Langham, Rebecca Front, Chris Addison, Joanna Scanlan, James Smith, Polly Kemp, Roger Allam, Will Smith, Olivia Poulet, Vincent Franklin, Geoffrey Streatfeild, Ben Willbond, Rebecca Gethings

  • Airs:
  • Air Dates: May 2005 - October 2012


Welcome to the Ministry for Social Affairs and Citizenship (DoSAC), a government department barely registering on the Today Programme radar, but high-profile enough to receive the attentions of Malcolm Tucker, the government's director of communications, whose ferocity is only matched by his skill in delivering incredible, foul-mouthed tirades. Successive ministers (Hugh Abbott and Nicola Murray) and their backroom team lie, backstab and hopelessly bluff their way through gaffes, crises, Prime Ministerial resignations and possible election dates - only thankful that Shadow minister, Peter Mannion also has little idea what is going on.