Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Sarah Smart, Tom Hiddleston, Sadie Shimmin, Richard McCabe, Jeany Spark, David Warner, Tom Beard, Polly Hemingway, Jessica Lloyd, Sally Hurst, Sanchia McCormack, William Scott-Masson, Karen Gledhill, Boel Larsson

  • Airs: 9pm Sundays
  • Air Dates: November 2008 - Still Running...


Inspector Kurt Wallander works for the Ystad police in Sweden and has a wreck of a personal life. He has few close friends, consumes too much alcohol and junk food, exercises little, and struggles with anger.

He frequently regards the crimes he investigates on a very personal level, throwing himself into catching criminals and going against the orders of his superiors to try and solve a case.

Over the years he has grown increasingly disillusioned with his work. His relationships with his colleagues are tentative; they are alternately amazed by his intellect and frustrated by his brusque manner and aggressive tactics.