Cast: Jack Davenport, Idris Elba, Susannah Harker, Philip Quast, Fiona Dolman, Collette Brown, Stephen Moyer

  • Airs:
  • Air Dates: September 15th - October 20th 1998


Ultraviolet charts the exploits of an investigative government unit, armed with the latest weaponry, whose aim is to track down and exterminate Code 5 infected subjects while attempting to work out their agenda.

A policeman, Michael Colefield, is reluctantly drawn into the group after a confrontation with his 'turned' former best friend, Jack Beresford, when Michael, defending himself after being bitten, is forced to 'kill' Jack.

Stylish, dark and often humourous, Ultraviolet delivered a blend of vampire myth with a modern police procedural slant. It is notable that the programme never once mentions the word vampire, instead referring to the antagonists as 'leeches' or a 'code 5 infection'. The vampire angle also allowed different takes on real-world issues such as in-vitro fertilization and pedophilia.