Flight of the Conchords


Cast: Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement, Rhys Darby, Kristen Schaal, Arj Barker, Rachel Blanchard, Frank Wood, Sutton Foster1

  • Airs: 10pm Sundays
  • Air Dates: June 2007 - March 2009


The series revolves around the day-to-day lives and loves of two shepherds-turned-musicians, Jemaine and Bret (Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, playing fictionalised versions of themselves), who have uprooted themselves from their native New Zealand to try to make it big as a novelty folk duo in New York City.

The two have frequent appointments with their band manager, Murray (Rhys Darby), a Deputy Cultural Attaché at the New Zealand consulate, who is overly officious and ineffectual. Jemaine and Bret constantly fend off the amorous attentions of Mel (Kristen Schaal), a married woman who is their sole fan and stalker. Their friend Dave (Arj Barker) works at a pawn shop and gives them advice on dealing with American women and culture.

Other recurring characters include their landlord, Eugene (played by Eugene Mirman), Bret's short-term girlfriend Coco (Sutton Foster), Jemaine and Bret's ex-girlfriend Sally (Rachel Blanchard) and Murray's put-upon assistant Greg (Frank Wood).