Showrunners Talk “Walking Dead” Season 5

Last night’s fourth season finale partly exposed the truth about the much-hyped ‘Terminus’, and now executive producer Scott Gimple has spoken about what he has in store for the fifth season when it returns in the fall.


With the group separated, the back half of the fourth season has essentially been a batch of contemplative character studies. With many of them now reunited, expect that tone to change for the fifth season. Gimple tells Deadline that the season is planned out and they are planned out and they are already well into the writing stage:

“I would say that these next eight episodes are going to be a little more action-heavy, with a lot of big twists. Really 85% of them are together again, so it’s a pretty good guess that they’re going to remain together and that’s going to give us a whole new emotional dynamic as well. So I guess the biggest thing is prepare for a very different Walking Dead. Yet again.”

Both Rick’s final line for the night, and the pile of human remains glimpsed in one shot suggesting the Terminus group are cannibals have lead many to draw comparisons to both the ‘Hunters’ storyline of the comic and a cannibal storyline with Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead”.

Gimple isn’t giving anything away: “In reading the comic no one’s going to get exactly what happens, but they will be able to see points of inspiration from it.” He also says that despite what we saw in the finale, that episode “does not definitively tell you whether or not they’re cannibals” but we will find out early on in season five.

Speaking with The Live Feed, producer Robert Kirkman adds:

“We’re going to be dealing with Terminus in a big way as soon as we come back. We’re also going to be dealing with a more capable and prepared Rick Grimes coming out of what he’s experienced in this episode. He’s going to go into another really awesome direction.”

Talking more about Terminus, Kirkman says:

“There is a very deep, dark and storied history to Terminus and how these people came to be that will be revealed in season five. There are an enormous amount of hints here and there in the finale that you could freeze frame and study and dig into over the span of months between the end of season four and the beginning of season five that will in some cases give you some pretty good hints and other cases be deliberately misleading as we intend it.”