Showgirls Sequel Ready To Strip

It may have been critically reviled, but 1995’s “Showgirls” remains one of MGM’s better cash cows and still rakes in a lot of money for the troubled studio on DVD.

Now, with so many of the studios 80’s and 90’s films getting the remake treatment, it comes as not a huge surprise today that German news publication Extratipp (via Joblo) reports that a sequel is in the works.

“Showgirls: A Story of Hope” is better described as a very loose spin-off, following the minor character of Penny Hope (Rena Riffel) from the first film.

The storyline has the brother of a stripper coming to Frankfurt to seek revenge on the guys responsible for the contaminated cocaine that killed his stripper sister.

The production is said to have a $25 million budget and will shoot on location in Frankfurt under the helm of writer/director Marc Vorlander.